Charleston – Golden Light I knew South Carolina from stories from a wedding collegae. And from that moment it was high on my list to visit it one day. As we where planning a trip to North Carolina the opportunity came on my way to join this great workshop of Carlos Hernandez. Could not say […]

Cake affair Joyce and I known each other for a number of years as we work together on same weddings. The power of Cake Affair cakes is that they not only look amazing but that they can make the most delicious flavors. While a lot specially wedding cakes they have a massive structure as you […]

Laidback family beach day When my own husband arranged a family shoot for me, I thought for a moment; oh boy, family with kids is not really where my strength lies. But of course I do not stay away from any challenge. We had arranged at Scarborough bluffs in Toronto because I myself find the […]

Engagement in Paris I got a message if I wanted to shoot an engagement. Of course I wanted that! A couple of messages back and forth we came out to do the shoot in Paris. What a joy to shoot in Paris? And to work this couple it was more like a little party. We […]

Marrakech was on my bucket list for a long time. And if you can shoot there too it is an extra feast for me. The moment I arrived by plane and I was walking via the plane stairs down I felt a warmth the felt like a warm blow dryer. Inside the airport is was […]

These two real New Yorkers are fashionable smart and successful young lovers who know all the best parts of the city. That’s way I choice to blog about all the great places where you need to go. Nope this is not about the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State or Statue of Liberty, no those you can […]

This shoot was a personal journey of finding myself. It is  a mix of emotions and feelings we all have: Anger, Fear, jealous happy self esteem and love Cause when you can accept yourself with all the emotions and feelings you have, You not only find love but you’re be able to give love .   […]






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