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Marrakech was on my bucket list for a long time. And if you can shoot there too it is an extra feast for me. The moment I arrived by plane and I was walking via the plane stairs down I felt a warmth the felt like a warm blow dryer. Inside the airport is was pleasantly cool. And once I made it through the customs there the cab driver of the riad was waiting outside. Although it was a small ride, I chose for a taxi, because I was travelling alone and people there don’t speak English fluently. And because I do not speak French perfectly.

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech

After a 15-minute drive the taxi stopped and I did not see hotels or something that should look like a riad. I asked if we were there but did not get an answer and was starting to get a little bit worried. He was making some phone calls and I was starting to get worried. In a minute he will throw me out and I had to find out myself how to get to my riad. You might imagine my thought that went through my head for a 100 times. I should have improved my French. But suddenly a guy came who grabbed my suitcases and waved me to walk with me. We walked through an ally where there were all market stalls and there were mopeds left and right of me.

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech

Between the market traders who were preparing food and the hectic crowd I was walking there with my suitcase full of camera gear, that suitcase I will give that to nobody

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech

In the meantime, on the way to the riad I was trying to memorize recognition points in case I have to find my own way. At the third ally left before the stall with pasta, what I found quite unique. Pasta stand in Morocco? Hey there is the riad.

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech

Inside the riad it was peacefully quiet and cool. The man offered me a wonderful mint tea. Friendly people who want to give you a wonderful time. The riad only had 4 rooms that give you the feeling that this place is yours. Wonderful details of authentic Moroccan woodwork and an indoor bath tub in which you can refresh yourself. Entirely upstairs there was a roof terrace with terracotta pots with palms where you can sit wonderfully.

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech

I did not have a lot of time to enjoy because I came here for a photoshoot and I would meet Mary at noon. Unfortunately, the make-up artist never showed up so she did the make-up herself.

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech

At first we shot inside because it was too warm and there was nowhere a shadow outside. Friendly people and who want you to have a great time. The host from the riad warned me to look after my photo bag, because a buckle is broken of my bag. Because for most people in Marrakech a camera is something they could never buy. I carried my bag on my stomach and actually all attention went to Mary because she looked so beautiful and despite the bright sun we created a wonderful shoot. And the result is something to be happy about.

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech

Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech Susanne-Hyams-Photography-Marrakech


Locatie:  Riad Del Amanza

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