This is not a lovestory; this is New York City

These two real New Yorkers are fashionable smart and successful young lovers who know all the best parts of the city.
That’s way I choice to blog about all the great places where you need to go.

Nope this is not about the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State or Statue of Liberty, no those you can find yourselves! ‘Light will inspire you’, one of the lines from the song of Alicia Keys & JZ, because there are so many other inspiring sources to find in New York. I have visited the Big Apple a couple of times now and while the city pulls you into its creativity and inspiration, it gives you energy in return. You want to see everything; experience all but there is so much to choose from! Madison Avenue is one of my favourite streets when talking about shopping and brands. But my heart is pounding harder and harder when seeing the small, undiscovered shops with those special items you cannot find elsewhere. I cannot leave New York before visiting ‘What comes around goes around’ on 351 West Broadway. The showcase is full of vintage Dior, Hermes or Chanel staring at you. Unfortunately, the prices are way up there! Strolling through the trendy SoHo and proceeding into my other fav street: Bleecker Street; where you can eat the famous and delicious cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. Eating at the counter or taking them home, all is possible. The store is really really small, and you feel a slight breeze through the narrow gaps, but it definitely has its charm. A real cronut can be found at Dominique Ansel Bakery on 189 Spring Street. Finished in SoHo? Hop, with the Uber-app, yes here it is legal, to Meatpacking district to visit the Market Hall, Gansevoort Market and drinking coffee with yummy sweets. You can eat indoors or choose take away and take the High line, an old subway line made into a park. Here you can sit with a view over the city, or take a walk with high buildings on either side. Another interesting district is Tribeca, an old art district, transformed into the living area of the rich and famous of NY, such as JZ and Justin Timberlake. Big warehouses are transformed into luxurious apartment buildings. On Pier 27 there are all sorts of active activities or you can lay on a beach. What is left of the artists are the more expensive galleries, but you can still find the art of the previous artists here and there. You also find new, for me unknown, designers who charge prices that are way overrated! What is amazing about this area is that they organize the taste of Tribeca with all sorts of tastings of different restaurants from the neighbourhood. This site will tell you all about it: Yes, grabbing a bite to eat or going for a drink is always a good idea. I hope that when you visit NYC, you will have an amazing time and will discover many amazing places and stores as I did. Let me know, I am very curious!




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